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I have created a simple tool to simplify posting to blogs. You first need to save your login details (these are encrypted using AES), after which text files may be dragged onto the application to create instant blog postings (for example, this post was created using PyBlog) (yup, that’s the name of the application). I used Python, which provides a nifty little XMLRPC library, which makes interfacing with the Blogger API (supported by WordPress as well) a snap. The downside? I still need to log in later to update the title/tags. Will probably use support one of the most modern APIs at some later date but this works already. Give it a try 🙂


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Tech Niblets

  1. The coolest thing that seems to be brewing on the web (2.0) is something known as EdgeIO -> it’s not operating yet but already the blogosphere is all abuzz about it.. The idea, apparently, is that bloggers can describe items which are for sale then mark these in their blogs with a special “listing” tag, which will be picked up by EdgeIO. Should be cool.. wonder if it’s going to tread on some EBay toes, though..
  2. Flexible Batman-esque bodyarmour anyone?? Interested parties may like to check out this d3o stuff. It’s basically a new composite material that’s normally flexible, but harden’s instantly when subjected to sudden impacts. The current application is for ski suits for Olympians but I certainly expect other applications to spring up faster than you can say “ouch”. For a start: mountain bikers, climbers, even “dog-bite” proof pants, perhaps..?
  3. Finally (though slightly less exciting), saw this interesting tool – allows one to upload (text) files, enter URLs or even raw text, and have them automatically analysed for things like word frequency, paragraph structure, etc. Why is this useful? Well, in it’s present form it’s not exactly a paradigm-shifter, but if developed further this could be a great tool for document clustering, visualisation and profiling.

    This was one of a number of tools listed here. Have a glance!

Comments (2)