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P.C. phone home

This looks like it will be SUPER fun to set up 😉
The idea: create a little script which will (figuratively) “phone home” when the computer is stolen. This can be installed into a hidden location on the notebook and instructed to run everytime the machine starts up (a (discreetly named) entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run or something should do the trick).

As for the script, there’s only about a million ways of writing it but here’s a “hello thief” sample in python:

import urllib,re,tkMessageBox
if (
tkMessageBox.showwarning("This Machine has been stolen. Please alert the authorities");

Which basically checks for the file “” everytime the machine starts up. If present and containing the trigger phrase “stolen_stolen”, the script pops up a message warning the user (or delete key files, e-mail the IP to you, etc etc)

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How to write a good resume (for developers)

Here’s a nice and short tip sheet which lists common pitfalls when writing a resume. It was written by an employee at Google and is based on his experiences in reviewing hundreds of CVs (and by all accounts they get loads of job applications! check this.. damn! 😦 )

Main points:

  1. Explain technical details of past work
  2. Leave out irrelevant details – these dilute the good stuff!
  3. Don’t make general, self-promoting statements that are based on subjective assessment
  4. If you’ve done good stuff, mention it!
  5. Be honest 🙂

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