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I have created a simple tool to simplify posting to blogs. You first need to save your login details (these are encrypted using AES), after which text files may be dragged onto the application to create instant blog postings (for example, this post was created using PyBlog) (yup, that’s the name of the application). I used Python, which provides a nifty little XMLRPC library, which makes interfacing with the Blogger API (supported by WordPress as well) a snap. The downside? I still need to log in later to update the title/tags. Will probably use support one of the most modern APIs at some later date but this works already. Give it a try 🙂


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very.. 😉

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Nomadic programmers

Just read an interesting post by Jackson West about how internet cafes and coffee houses are emerging as dynamic replacements for fixed premises and expensive infrastructure. The idea is that start-up companies, groups of designers or co-workers, even conferences, can utilise the free or low-cost wireless internet access available at these venues in place of more formal settings such as traditional office spaces or convention centers.

The benefits are obvious – costs will be kept to a minimum, boredom borne of familiarity will be eliminated, plus there is an undeniable “cool”-ness about using a cafe as your office. Bored or sleepy? A short trek around the surrounding retail areas might be just the tonic. Hungry? No sweat, since there is likely to be a ready supply of subs, sandwiches and other goodies (and of course, coffee!!).

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Art of loud whistling

Always wondered how this is done.. Found this guide so am recording this here lest I forget. Will try it out later 🙂
Another guide here

Update: Just can’t get this stuff to work!! 😦

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