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The Heart of Borneo

On the world’s third largest island lies the last sizeable chunk of pristine rainforest in Asia. This is none other than the island of Borneo, which lies in the South China Sea, sections of which belong to Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The “Heart of Borneo” (see here and here for more information) is the charming name given to a project led by WWF-Malaysia to conduct a detailed survey of this area, utilising GIS technologies, with the aim of identifying key areas on which conservation efforts should be concentrated. The grand vision is to extend and link up existing protected areas into a “conservation network” by means of strategically created forested corridors.

The importance of this project cannot be understated. The Borneo rainforest plays host to a staggering amount of biodiversity – it is home to more than 2000 species of trees as well as a vast array of other animal species. At present there are already 11 protected areas but these have become increasingly isolated as a result of deforestation and other human activities in the surrounding areas. The creation of special forested corridors linking up the protected areas will increase the chances of survival for larger animal species such as Rhinos and Elephants. If you have the means, please try to help (visit the WWF site to get started).


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