The Read-Write Web

Originally published as a PDF file, Rod Boothby in this white paper discusses the new wave of web-centric interactive applications (a.k.a. the “read-write web”). Throughout the paper he frequently refers to the “MBA class of 2006” as a kind of shorthand for the new generation of super-web-literate tech workers who come fully conversant in the various web office technologies. Examples are shared calendars (i’d like to use this opportunity to shamelessly pitch for 30boxes πŸ™‚ ), web e-mail, blogs and wikis. It is argued that web office applications have the potential to make corporate workers more productive, reduce costs and (more importantly) stave off obsolescence πŸ˜‰

Well.. he also says a bunch of other stuff.. go read!



  1. Thank you very much for the link to the paper. While Richard McManus was kind enough to write an article about the Web Office white paper, the paper itself was actually written by myself, Rod Boothby.

    30 Boxes looks like a fantastic application. It would be very powerful within the enterprise.

  2. karipuf said

    Oops sorry, corrected it.. Great article, btw πŸ™‚

  3. ctrambler said

    I do agree that new web-based technology can revolutionize the way people work. In fact, the technologies highlighted allowed people from different location to work together effectively and efficiently already. I know, coz we implemented some of the technologies (mainly calenders and wikis).

    While it is great that the class of 2006 (and later) are super-webliterate, they still have to work with people of class

  4. karipuf said

    yeah. if only more of these services supported opera πŸ˜›


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