Read this post about a new service called Dijjer. It’s a Bittorrent-like distributed downloading service which allows files to be distributed to multiple clients without sucking away all your bandwidth.

The main difference to me seems to be the ease-of-use factor -> to share a file using dijjer, simply add a “http://www.dijjer.org/get/” to the front of the actual file URL. So, to share “http://www.karipuf-file.com/karipuf-file.zip” (this is a fictitious URL, please don’t try to get!) the dijjer-enabled” link is: “http://www.dijjer.org/get/http://www.karipuf-file.com/karipuf-file.zip”. There are apparently other benefits, for e.g.Chris Holland in the above link also mentions that Dijjer also allows uploads from behind a NAT though this has not been a problem with me in the past (have been bittorrenting from behind a NAT and was apparently still able to upload..).

While you’re in the mood, check out the Million Book Project (a bit unrelated but what the hey :-))



  1. ctrambler said



    Everything has to be routed through a central server. This give rise to privacy concerns.

    More importantly, if people start sharing pirate stuff through this server, are we going to see another Napster?

  2. damn! why did you reveal that you’re bittorrenting from behind a NAT? now the powers that be might find out and block you …

  3. karipuf said

    no worries… “Dr.Karipuf” doesn’t sound too familiar now, does it 😉

  4. ctrambler said

    “no worries… “Dr.Karipuf” doesn’t sound too familiar now, does it”

    When that happens, is Dr. Karipuf going to become Dr. Durian? 😉

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