Nomadic programmers

Just read an interesting post by Jackson West about how internet cafes and coffee houses are emerging as dynamic replacements for fixed premises and expensive infrastructure. The idea is that start-up companies, groups of designers or co-workers, even conferences, can utilise the free or low-cost wireless internet access available at these venues in place of more formal settings such as traditional office spaces or convention centers.

The benefits are obvious – costs will be kept to a minimum, boredom borne of familiarity will be eliminated, plus there is an undeniable “cool”-ness about using a cafe as your office. Bored or sleepy? A short trek around the surrounding retail areas might be just the tonic. Hungry? No sweat, since there is likely to be a ready supply of subs, sandwiches and other goodies (and of course, coffee!!).



  1. ctrambler said

    “The benefits are obvious”

    So are the disadvantages:
    (1)Privacy: Care to discuss company secret in the open?
    (2)Noise Level: Difficult for both sides to hear each other on telephone calls. Not to mention difficulty in concentrating.
    (3)Distraction: When a beautiful woman walks by and sit at the next table ….

  2. karipuf said

    1) Discussion can be via private forums, etc
    2) Noise – find a quiet cafe
    3) Not always seen as a disadvantage đŸ˜‰

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