Opera … opera…

Seems like Firefox is having some performance problems. The problems seem to be related to memory leaks in the Firefox code, which is failing to free up memory when tabs are closed. The posting goes on to argue that with the imminent release of IE7, Firefox might just find itself losing some of that hard-won market share.

Personally, I think the greatest tragedy of the browser battle is that what is arguably the best contender is largely ignored. Opera is a lot faster and smaller (the installer is about half the size) than Firefox, yet incorporates almost as many features as Firefox’s bigger brother, the Mozilla suite.

In addition to speed, Opera has many nifty features simply not found in other browsers – mouse gestures, a handy note-taking feature, an excellent (and revolutionary) mail client (incorporating Gmail like features such as tagging and an advanced searching mechanism), photo-zooming, etc etc. In addition, people who constantly sing praises of Firefox’s tabbed interface should also be aware that Opera was the first browser to incorporate tabs. My only complaints? -> no integrated html editor and poor support for web2.0 sites. Even then, the latter is more the result of unwillingness on the part of developers to support what is generally viewed as a “fringe” browser.

Update: Opera will soon be releasing a new version which incorporates a whole bunch of new features including:

  1. Widgets
  2. Bittorent support
  3. Thumbnail previews

Check out the link above for details.



  1. maybe that’s one reason why rebooting significantly improves performance

  2. karipuf said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. karipuf said

    hmm… perhaps but not too likely because same thing happens when I use Opera…

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