Malaysian Road Signs

Talking about Malaysian roads, what is it about those road signs. They seem to have been specially tailored to confuse and mislead. Two examples:

1) In most other places, if the speed limit is (say) x kmh, the sign would say “x kmh” and that would be that. If at some point, the speed limit changes to y kmh, then just erect a sign which says, accordingly, “y kmh”, at which point most reasonable people would agree that the previous speed limit was now void and had been replaced by the new one. Well, for some reason, on Malaysian roads, when the limit is x kmh, three signs are needed: “x kmh mula (start)”, “x kmh peringatan (reminder)” and “x kmh tamat (end)”. Apart from being a waste of time and resources, this will be confusing to foreign drivers who can’t read Malay. In addition, there’s the question of what exactly is the speed limit between the last tamat and the next mula. Clearly we are now in some dead zone where there is no speed limit. Great.

2) A favourite spot to erect road signs seems to be just after “Y” junctions, like so:

——-| [Road Sign here]

However, the sign would only indicate one destination (like “Exit”, for example). The hapless driver arriving at this junction is now left with the unenviable task of figuring out exactly which of the two branches is the “exit”.



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  2. This sounds suspiciously like roads in Ash County, North Carolina (USA). In one area there is a sign that reads “No Posted Speed Limit”, which means, I guess, that you just go as fast as you want to. The roads are very narrow and twisty, so you probably wouldn’t go very fast. After awhile, there is another sign that says “Resume Safe Speed”, except there was no speed limit before the “No Posted Speed Limit Sign”, so do you keep going as fast as you want? Who knows.

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