Evil drivers

I’m pretty horrified by the mannerisms of drivers on Malaysian roads. Especially annoying are those who flash their high beams at the vehicles in front to get them to move out of the way. Not only is this (extremely) rude, it is quite dangerous as it distracts both the driver in front as well as drivers in the neighboring lanes. The new superbright xenon lights don’t help, either.

How to strike back? Don’t budge. By obliging, we are re-inforcing their behaviour and encouraging them. Unless you are crawling in the fast lane at 20 below the speed limit, you have the same right to overtake/take the right turn, etc as anyone else. If you were planning to overtake a car on the right, carry on doing so at *Exactly* the same speed as before – do not be rushed into driving at a speed that is uncomfortable to you just to accomodate the barbarian behind you.

None of this is to say that you can’t show a little grace and courtesy yourself. Of course, the driver behind you could well have a valid reason for driving like the wind (or maybe he fainted with his foot stuck to the accelerator). However, there are more polite ways to do so than to dazzle a fellow road user with your high beam. It’s rude, dangerous and tolerated only because of the impersonal nature of travelling on the roads – try walking on the pavement and screaming at the guy in front of you to get out of the way. Not a good idea? Didn’t think so 🙂


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  1. Or you can do it my way;

    [Health warning : Slightly aangerous assume you know your car very well]

    Depress brake deep enough to activate brake lights WITHOUT activating brakes!

    My bigger problem with driving in Malaysia is I get flashed even when I am on the speed limit.

    Problem with driving in UK: Speed limit is the target speed, but never ever go above it. Imagine one have to do 40+ at a narrow (just enough for two cars side-by-side and is on top of an embankment), slightly turning road.–>

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